Without a doubt animal print is permiating the fashion world. We're seeing this print on everything from floor length gowns, to sky high pumps and glittery clutches. Leopard and cheetah  prints were a must-have staple on the runway this fall/winter. The sky was the limit! Everything was touched by a dab of animal print. However, wearing it the right way can be tricky. The key to making this trend work is simply moderation. Don't make it look too busy. A bold print should be the focal point of any outfit. Pair the print with neutral colors such as nudes, pale pinks or beige. This keeps the look sharp and refined. For those looking to dabble in the trend but not go all-out, try adding an animal print accessory to a plain outfit: a leopard clutch, scarf, gloves, or a pair of sexy pumps. If you're a bit more daring, go for an all-over animal print on a trendy structured dress or coat. Make sure you keep it chic by choosing pieces made of quality fabrics. Pay attention to fabrics that have bigger prints. ZOPHIA rule of thumb : the bigger the print the less expensive an item looks.Cheap material ruins the trend and will have you looking like a fashion victim rather than a trendsetter!