Wedges and the truth

    Undoubtedly, my current ZOPHIA shoe obsession award goes to: WEDGES!At the dawn of spring each season, as every fashion forward woman in this universe, my wide eyed reaction to the first spring item available brings a blissful excitement, feeding my insatiable fashion thirst. It’s something women don’t think twice about, but is unconsciously demonstrated each spring season. Of course retailers, buyers and designers have that spring fever, so to speak, underlying their marketing strategies. But that’s beside the point.

Raphael Young Habaki resin and suede peep-toe pumps

                I share that spring excitement with all women. Wearing my favorite pencil skirt without the arduous task of scavenging for run less tights at the bottomless pit of my drawer each dark winter morning, shields light on the fantastic world of wedges.  Not to say, that wedges are the only type of shoe that can be worn in the spring but they are the most conveniently, “modernesque” type of shoe out there. Wedges are versatile. They can be worn with skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, high- waisted shorts and even to complete the sexy beach look.  

Lavin Patent Wedge

                Let me bring you down from that fantasy cloud and back into reality. The truth is, perhaps more commonly seen in the U.S. than in any other country, women in their mid-twenties and above often sacrifice their look to feel comfortable. I have such trouble choosing comfort over feeling fabulous in 4 inch pumps. Some argue that while living in any Metropolitan area, walking long distances is part of the daily routine. Therefore, pumps or wedges are out of question. I think they are correct! That’s why I smile when I see women walking to the metro, looking sharp in a fitted suit, wearing flats and 4inch pumps in hand. Don’t sacrifice the culture of fashion!  It’s obvious to see that when women are dressed well, they feel confident and as a byproduct, excel at higher rates than women who feel lost in their clothes.  This also applies to women going back to the workforce after maternity leave. Get rid of the sweat pants and comfy UGG boots! Put your best face forward and be different. Work clothing can be so boring. Make it a point to create something each day for you. Yes, time constraints are always an issue, but start off by doing it once a week. If you are a mom, maybe plan what you want to wear the night before when the children are sleeping. For more mommy advice I recommend .

Zara's Wedge Heeled Boot

                Ladies as I’ve often said, fashion is supposed to be fun! I don’t get tired of saying it. Clothing is supposed to be something easy! My obsession with wedges actually has nothing to do with wedges. It has to do with how I feel and how different I approach day to day challenges when I feel confident. Try it I guarantee that you will notice a change in you that is contagious.