Holiday Makeup Prep : ZOPHIA swatches!

While your taking a break from your Thanksgiving festivities, check out our ideas! 

In preparation for our holiday makeup tutorial video, yesterday Kristen Sepulveda (one of my favorite makeup artists for ZOPHIA)scouted for a vibrant color palette. 

Inspired by this recent VOGUE cover, Kristen plans to create a step-by-step video for ZOPHIA fashionistas. We also plan to include a new ZOPHIA holiday one-off look. 


Our shopping trip wouldn't be complete without a touch of holiday Starbucks! 
As we continue to brainstorm we would be open to suggestions. Let us know what you think. What are some makeup looks that you would like to re-create at home? We would love to hear from you or answer any questions. Stay tuned. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Betsy Garcete 
Creative Director