Fashion Psyche Part II: Sketching


Earlier this year, I briefly skimmed the surface of an ongoing search for candid creativity. I'm positive that it's still there, subconsciously buried beneath a contagious urge to compete with today's influx of fast fashion. As weeks progressed, I found myself shifting further away from fashion and beauty all together. The paradox I mentioned in my last post stands true. In order to fruitfully reboot my fashion psyche, I needed to explore everything BUT fashion. Chronologically, I began revisiting my old art sketchbooks, researching innovation theories, and entertaining the positives of mindfulness. Ultimately, my search for a fashion rebirth gradually morphed into an interpersonal quest of the origins of a creative mind. At the forefront of this journey, I devoted a significant amount of time to sketching.


Translating inspiration into sketching continues to be the hallmark of my design process for ZOPHIA. These illustrations single-handedly buttressed the brand into reality. However, due to the natural demands of business planning, allotted time for sketching diminished. Succumbing to the passive behavior of “fashion watching” lead me to an interesting revelation. I was crystalizing my artistic intuition. Nurturing my ability to create something was no longer a priority. As uncomfortable as it is to admit, I wanted to be inspired by what everyone else was watching.

Shutting my eyes on social media, blogs and all other forms of communication, I sat. These places have allowed creativity to naturally flow from my pencil.  I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing beauty through silence, humbly striving towards fashion on a different path. As I continue to reconstruct my fashion psyche, I look forward to sharing the connections between innovation, mindfulness and fashion.