Fabric Fix Friday: Sequin Trending

mermaid sequinJPG

With the summer officially started, my sketchbook is collecting dust at the bottom of my purse, untouched and lonely. As excited as I am to share my creative findings each week, a few trips to the pool took priority. Rooftop sun baiting with a few girlfriends? Ridiculously overdue! As I laid there trying not to burst into flames, I kept opening my eyes. Its cliche to admit but the sky was overwhelmingly beautiful. I had to capture it.  Contrary to what I believed, doing absolutely nothing still feeds the creative mind. Although I wasn't sketching, I kept a mental note. Perhaps I'll see this exquisite  blue come to life in my next sketch.

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to sketching in these escalating temperatures. Naturally, I found a suitable alternative. Air conditioned fabric stores have been my home away from home. While I anxiously wait to photograph the completed dress from my last post, I fed my sequin obsession with new textiles. I laid my eyes on a rich mermaid sequin,which only led me to this tribal-looking perfection. ZOPHIA is written all over each one!  Gorgeous, no?