A New Culture of Fashion In The Nation's Capital


Fashion critics may argue that a true fashion show belongs to Manhattan and Paris. Each season,the hectic and chaotic culture of fashion week never fails to lure throngs of buyers,writers, editors and publicists. But, why can't such exclusivity and attention be drawn to the Nation's Capital? Is there a lack of talented designers? An absence of high-end consumers? No, absolutely not! In fact, I would argue that high demand for a revitalized fashion sense exists and rapidly continues to evolve. Men and women are slowly stepping away from the stereotypical "DC conservative look". Searching for a customized uniqueness, they walk the streets of Georgetown and browse through fashion blogs while at work. However, in my opinion, there's nothing more exhilarating than actually seeing the richness of a garment in person. Last weekend, this shared excitement was strikingly evident to me. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to stop by a few shows at the three day All Access Fashion event held at Tysons Galleria. I was actually quite impressed with the organization of the entire event. It really brought the experience and culture of a fashion show straight to the consumers. I found myself sitting among all generations (teenagers, mothers and grandmothers), daydreaming about a similar show for ZOPHIA.

Often referred to as the "Rodeo Drive" of the East Coast, this venue  lends itself to foster a sense of enthusiasm for the fashion-driven Washingtonian. More importantly, it foreshadows the unmistakable reality that we plan to leave a unique footprint in this industry. This is only the beginning!