As ZOPHIA attempts to build relationships with powerful women in the district, we explore yet another fascinating boutique in the DC Metro Area. A few weeks ago we chatted with Francesca Tanedo, owner of REVELstyle boutique in Old Town Alexandria. We talk fashion, life and powerskirts. Check it out!

Fashion Epiphany: That moment you decided to move back to the Metro Area, what happened?

While I had been in Los Angeles for over five years, I always considered Annandale, VA home.  I was ready to make the move back to the east coast.  I loved working in the fashion industry and was inspired by the art and unique culture of LA. That's when I realized and came up with the idea of bringing it along with me!  I was heavily inspired by a high-end boutique EM & Co that I had worked for in Los Angeles. In this boutique, we not only sold designer brands, but we held art shows. With these events we showcased local artist's work our walls and emerging fashion designers on our racks!  When I decided to move back to VA, I made this my mission : to provide an creative space for local artist and designers to show off their work.

What motivates you when the negativity committee shouts #FAIL #FAIL #NOTGOODENOUGH?

Luckily, I rarely get any of that at all!  Friends, family, as well as my loyal and growing fans have been nothing but wonderful and supportive.  Most people are excited about what I am doing here and have shown me nothing but love!  Knowing that there is that support behind me and behind REVELStyle makes it easy to ignore, dismiss, and quickly forget about any negativity that may come my way.


What will REVELSTYLE bring to DC fashion?

The DC Fashion scene is a growing fast, but it is definitely a bit more conservative than Los Angeles. REVELStyle is bringing over quirky and playful accessories along with comfy and  eclectic apparel inspired by LA street style. A lot of the styles are best worn on the weekends or on a night out. More importantly, with some creativity, you can always add a quirky item to your tired work week attire as well! REVELStyle is looking to push the boundaries.

The nasty truth: Running the show can get ugly, what are the real challenges of being the boss?

I'm sure people can relate to having that boss that works you too hard, doesn't appreciate you or just simply doesn't get you.  Well guess what?  My "boss" makes me work long hours, nags me about things I need to do after hours, and can be pretty bitchy when she's in a bad mood.  Knowing that I have no one to blame or fall back on when something goes wrong is the hardest part about being the boss.

clothing revel

Now shifting to your glamorous mini PowerSkirt Party with us. You've delicately fit into our CEO and CURATOR Skirts. Any feedback on design, style or fit? Does it truly cater to the DC woman?

I'm a petite woman at 4'9". I was concerned that these skirts would not be flattering on me but slipping into both, I was totally amazed at how sleek and chic I looked. The quality of the fabric makes the skirt great for accentuating my (minimal) curves and the style is a great base piece to start any outfit.  I think it's great for the DC Woman!  You can wear it with a blazer and button down top for work and then switch your top to a fun tank or tee for happy hour. I loved dressing it up with a patterned tank from REVEL Style and a beanie for a playful look!




Any words of wisdom to those brave women hoping to run their own businesses one day?

Most important thing is to surround yourself with positive people and cut out the naysayers.  If you've already decided to take the plunge and start your own business, you don't have time to argue with anyone who says you shouldn't.  There will always be ups and downs, days that you just want to quit but those positive supporters will be what push you. Keep going towards your goals and dreams!



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