September 24, 2014

By Betsy Garcete

"Cramped in Macy's fitting room, along with my fit model and seamstress, I felt like a fraud. A silly wannabe designer. No office space and definitely not enough money to launch a collection. Yet, seconds later I experienced an overpowering joy I'll never forget."- Me

In January of 2010, I humbly launched ZOPHIA. It all began with four simple cocktail dresses. It then shifted to custom pencil skirts.  I quit my job and now have one class left of grad school. It's funny to see people's reaction to what I do. Sometimes it's a smile with a confused look (especially in Washington, D.C.). Most of the time it's an ' oh wow, how fun,' kind of like a reaction to winning a shopping spree. I guess I have Sex In The City to thank for that. But the truth is simple. My blood and tears go into any decision. 99% of the time it's hard work and 1% is actual success. It's not pretty. So what's really important ? The amazing people that love you and support you. The feeling of being able to wear a pencil skirt that you and your team designed is such a joy.

A huge thank you to Natalia Sanz and Michele Ordway for being part of this dream. Don't know what I would do without you. Hats off to Rachel Couch, the brains behind this photo. You are such a gem. How wonderful it is to work with genuinely passionate people. Here I am wearing the ceo skirt, attempting to fake a stretch for the sake of high fashion.