CEO skirt Year in Review : 2015

Washington, D.C. - It's been quite a year! The ZOPHIA team has worked relentlessly to continue its mission, to empower women through made-to-fit fashion. We are immensely grateful to the new partnerships and friends we've worked with this year. We are especially thankful to our clients, who have passionately supported our cause and vision. 

So, here are a few of our favorite CEO moments of the year. 


Our most memorable CEO moments of 2015 :

  1. Designing a CEO skirt for lifestyle blogger Dani of Blonde in the District. We love her passion and bubbly personality. She brings confidence to a new level. So thankful to her support and faith in our product.
  2. Interviewing and designing for Rosana, founder of DC STYLE FACTORY. What can we say. Rosana is amazing. Not sure how she juggles her glam life, mom-hood and a business. She really is an empowering presence. We look forward to getting tips on life and fashion from her.  
  3. Founder Betsy Garcete's feature in DC Modern Luxury.  Honored to be featured! She rocked our new top and faux-leather CEO skirt to the fullest. 
  4. "Photoshooting" as we call it, with Rachel Couch. She puts that unspeakable magic into each image. She loves coffee, is incredibly talented and knows what's up. Obviously our favorite photographer on the planet. 
  5. New look of our website. A lot of blood and sweat went into this. We won't forget it!
  6. Launch of the Washingtonian and Julien top. It's always a challenge to design new products, but our team executed with style. We also had the pleasure to be inspired by the beautiful Julien, from It's Julien. So grateful to her for all the encouragement and energy for our brand! 
  7. Catherine Cano, new executive FIT agent joined our team. More on this coming soon! Can't wait to share! She's on fire. 
  8. Karen Rangel stepped into our lives as a social media strategist and stylist. She's a powerhouse on heels. We love her!
  9. CEO MONDAY pop ups at Wework. Coolest place to run a startup here in DC. 
  10. New partnership with Refine shop. You'll hear more about Tanya, the owner of Refine. We love her to pieces. For now, all we can say is that we have free fittings with complimentary wine! They can be booked here on our website.