The Power of CEO Skirts: Less Waste, Better FIT

The Problem

Ethical fashion is no longer the ugly and frumpy alternative. Fashion retailers are now interested in consumers' desire to buy ethical clothing that lasts. As a custom pencil skirt brand, we are thrilled to see that mainstream fashion is finally focusing on the ethical consumer. Last June, an interesting survey measured the most problematic variable in the fashion industry, the 'wear it once culture,' :

According to the British charity Barnardo’s, a majority of women’s garments are worn a mere seven times before being pushed to the back of the closet or tossed into the garbage. 

What's even more interesting is that new brands are tackling this 'wear it once culture' with high quality, slow fashion solutions. Elizabeth Cline from The Atlantic writes : 

Combatting this wastefulness is at the heart of a growing number of clothing brands offering alternatives to so-called “fast fashion,” the trendy, throwaway method of selling clothes pioneered by companies such as H&M, and the cultural force to blame for the world’s overflowing and underutilized closets. Among the other startups positioning themselves as durable and ethical alternatives to throwaway fads are the online retailers Zady, Cuyana, Of a Kind, Everlane, and The 30 Year Sweatshirt.

Our Solution

In 2010, when ZOPHIA was launched, we too were disappointed with the lack of quality and disposable nature of fashion. Since then, we vowed to provide clients with a more ethical and locally sourced alternative to 'fast fashion.' The CEO skirt was born out of our desire to create a product that would last longer than any other skirt in the market. We believe that slower fashion is smarter, more powerful and definitely more chic than any current trend. 

The power of our CEO skirt is threefold:

  • Customization- With six measurements we create a skirt to match your unique body type, where fit is guaranteed. 
  • Local Artisans- We partner with the most talented seamstresses in the Washington Metropolitan Area. With years of garment construction expertise, our team works with you to make sure every stitch is powerful.
  • Quality Fabrics - We locally source: knits, poly knits, faux leather, ponte de roma, wool, tweed, organic cotton and more. 

Beyond The Pencil Skirt

We at ZOPHIA would like to encourage you to reinvent pieces while investing in something that will last. More importantly, do some research! Look for brands that are transparent about production. Stop filling your closets with pieces that are wasteful and taking up space. Be smarter about your shopping choices. 

Wearing something that was made just for you feels incredible. Especially, if you know how and where it was made. But, the takeaway here is not only to do with pencil skirts. It's about the throwaway problem in fashion and the need for something new at all times. There really isn't a quick fix for this 'wear it once' culture. I'll be writing more on this topic in the next few weeks.