How A Pencil Skirt Became My Syle

Photography By Leah Beilhart

Betsy Garcete, Founder, ZOPHIA.  Custom faux leather  CEO skirt $499. 

Betsy Garcete, Founder, ZOPHIA. Custom faux leather CEO skirt $499. 

Washington, D.C. - It's taken a long time to feel comfortable with my personal style. Growing up I was drawn to avant-garde and bold outfits. Even at age seven, I preferred my mother's wardrobe over mine. At that age, my family never questioned my fashion choices, it was just amusing and entertaining. But I knew It was more than just dress up. 

Out of high school, freed from the limits of private school uniforms, I actually felt lost. Looking to other college girls for wardrobe inspiration, I quickly excommunicated sweat pants and ugg boots from my life. In those moments, my personal style emerged.

Loudly clunking my way to physics class, five minutes late and in four inch heels, the stares burned my cheeks. At first I cared and felt embarrassed for wanting to 'dress up' to class. Then I realized I had to be comfortable with being different.

To be honest, I felt more competent in heels and lipstick than in yoga pants. Taking a midterm in a pencil skirt felt sort of empowering.

Five years later, I started a business based on that reality. Pivitoing from a career in medicine to fashion was the most freeing thing I've done in my life. I hope that through ZOPHIA, I can help women find that confidence in a custom CEO skirt. The rest is pencil skirt history.