# 1 Reason For Women To Go Custom In DC

Washington, D.C.- The concept of customization in fashion is based on the need for individuality. Sadly, in such a powerful city like DC, its hard to find individual style. Particularly for women. There aren't many options that help one look different and chic but still professional. Aslaug Magnusdottir, co-founder of Moda Operandi, described customization being about:

empowering people to put their personal stamp on things they care about. It is about helping people create items that cater specifically to who they are 

We at ZOPHIA are not only focused on individuality but on utility. Our skirts last much longer than seven wears, the average number of times the majority of women wear a garment. Each CEO skirt is made entirely from waist to hip measurements. We take those numbers and create a pattern, as seen on the left of the image below. It's a sort of blueprint used to cut fabric needed to produce the skirt. From there, we put all pieces together and schedule a first fitting. 

Finding a good tailor for women is hard. Finding a tailor with and interest in high fashion is even harder. Enter, ZOPHIA.  Each step of our design process is aimed at executing your own style, fit and long term wear.  A woman's wardrobe should have pieces that perfectly fit and motivate her to tackle the day.

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