Betsy Garcete Cohen, a native Washingtonian, is the founder of ZOPHIA.  Shortly after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Betsy seriously considered medical school and a career in neurosurgery. Having been drawn to fashion from a young age however, she made the decision to change course and pursued her childhood passion instead.  

Having been raised in a family of strong Latina women, Betsy wanted her fashion to be an expression of the same strong, empowering femininity she grew up admiring and emulating. In 2010 and while attending Catholic University in a Masters in Management program,  Betsy launched  ZOPHIA, naming it after her Grandmother who was a highly skilled seamstress from Peru. Inspired by the women she met in her program, she wanted to design a product that would cater to women of all sizes and help them to feel confident about their own unique shape and body type. After two years of testing different products and researching the market intensely, in 2013, ZOPHIA proudly launched the powerskirt collection.

With a real passion for the business of fashion, Betsy enjoys the challenges of the entrepreneurial world. As an advocate for women, Betsy also feels strongly in working with other female entrepreneurs and helping them pursue and achieve their own dreams. She and her husband currently live in Maryland. 


Stitcher / Patternmaker

Michele started her sewing career at a tender age of 10, learning from her grandmother and aunt. After high-school, she attended Sinclair community college in Dayton, Ohio, where she discovered her love for theater. She honed her stitching skills working in the costume shop and eventually transferred to Ohio University where she polished her skills and earned a BFA in production design and technology, emphasis on costume construction.  After OU, Michele moved to Washington DC where she works full time for the Shakespeare Theatre Company.  Michele joined ZOPHIA in 2011. She started as just a stitcher, and has since moved into patterning and production coordinating.  She currently lives in Maryland with her spunky daughter and husband. 



Stitcher / Patternmaker

Our newest member of the team since Sept 2016. More details coming soon!



Fashion Intern

Jacqueline has always had a passion for women's fashion since she was very young. Inspired by this passion, she decided to start her own fashion and beauty blog. She hopes to empower women through style and beauty. Jacqueline is currently a senior at the University of Maryland Robert H Smith School of business. After graduation she plans to continue working on the business side of fashion. Jacqueline joined Zophia in March 2017 as an intern assisting in client fittings, fashion shows, social media and other duties. She currently resides in Maryland.