Owning a custom made CEO skirt was the right decision. It’s a versatile piece, despite it being sequin. I’ve worn it to my birthday dinner, an event, a party, and even to brunch. Hey, nothing wrong with a lil’ daytime sparkle. Through its many wears, the skirt has maintained its shape. What I appreciate the most is the free alterations which I took advantage of when I first received the skirt. I highly recommend adding a CEO skirt to your closet
— Vivi, Washington, D.C. 
After a couple of fittings, I am so happy with the fabric I chose and the fit we achieved. I went with a faux leather because it is a little edgy, and goes with everything.  The skirt hugs all my curves perfectly. It is incredible how wearing something that fits YOU and was made especially for YOU can truly make one feel confident and sexy
— Client, Washington, D.C. 
Got the final custom skirt! Which is amazing, by the way! And fits like a glove- thank goodness for custom!
— Client, Arlington, VA
This is what I’ve wanted in my life. In love with the mission and the quality of the product
— Client, Washington, D.C. 
Powerful! I felt sophisticated and in charge. And surprisingly, really comfortable. I could move and I didn’t feel constricted.  I am always paying attention to how people move in their clothing. It can be a beautiful garment, but if it’s too tight, too heavy, too…something. It’s going to feel forced. The garment wears you instead of you wearing it.  Not with the CEO skirt. It fit, flattered,and I felt like the best version of me in it.
— Client, Silver Spring, MD
Wearing the fabulous skirt today! Already got some compliments!
— Client, Washington, D.C. 
I absolutely LOVE LOVE your work. Those skirts are fierce
— Client, Washington, D.C.